Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Life Drawings

All of the life drawings here were of the same gentleman, whose name was John. He dressed as both the dapper industrialist and also the pirate, and later on he dressed as a cowboy but I missed that session.

Not much to say about these, really. Some of them are going into my storyboard revisionist portfolio. I have a few more of these to post, then I'll try to put up something more interesting.


  1. I like this fellow, and hope he gets more supporting roles over the course of his illustrated life, followed by a sentimental cap in his twilight years playing someone's grandpa.

  2. I saw him first as the dapper gentleman, then later when I saw him again he was completely unrecognizable as a pirate. John also makes all his own costumes, getting the pieces from swap meets and crafting what he can't find.