Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ballerina Sketches

I've got a bunch of life sketches that I'll be unrolling over the next few days. Why dump them all at once?

Personally, I prefer costumed models over nude. Nude models tend to give the same sorts of poses over and over, but costumed models will roleplay their poses.

Place that head right damnit! I should fix that above drawing, but I have so much other, more important drawing to do right now.

That's it for now! I have much better life drawings coming, and I'm going to another session this sunday.

I haven't done a journal post for a while, so I'll just mention really quickly what I've been up to.

My internship at Nickelodeon just wrapped up last Friday, but not everything finished then. Today I came back to the studio for an intern lunch with Butch Hartman, and this Friday I'll be attending a class on how to pitch a show to Nickelodeon. Nick is special in that anyone within the studio is capable of pitching a show, but that doesn't mean that all of the pitches will be picked up. About 2 or 3 pitches are accepted per year to be made into pilots, and they are usually done by folks who have enough connections and experience to be able to put a show together.

Since leaving Nick, I've been wrapping up some projects that have been put on hold for the past few weeks. I am working on a small book illustration project for a friend from when I was in high school, I'm still revising a script for a different friend, and my girlfriend and I have been collaborating on a comic. The comic is still in early stages and it has yet to be seen just how far it will go, but I'm optimistic that this will be a good project to grow on.

I still need to put my storyboard revisionist portfolio together, and once that's done I'll try my luck at a couple different Nick shows. If I don't catch some of the jobs open right now, there will be another chance in fall when some more pilots are picked up for their first seasons. During the internship I got along well with one of the creators, Doug Lawrence, and from what I've seen his pilot is just the kind of project I'd want to work on: silly, cartoony, and hand-drawn.

I'm signed on to a lease here in CA until January, so I'll be trying my damndest to survive until then. If nothing's happened by January, then I'll consider looking for employment in other states, probably closer to friends and family. It gets so lonely out here sometimes!

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