Sunday, May 30, 2010

Egyptian Girl and Naked Man

These were done several weeks apart. The naked man came first, and I feel I improved by the time I was drawing the Egyptian girl. I'm not sure if I should draw a comparison, though, because the top drawings look like they were maybe 2-minute sketches whereas the Egyptian girl drawings were probably done in 5.

The girl drawings have much more exaggeration, which is why I like them. My teacher for that class, Joel Fajnor, really stressed exaggeration and I think some of it stuck.

These are probably the last life drawings I'll post for a while. For my next blog post I'd like to do something a little different.


  1. This blog is so cool! Your lines are very neat and appealing. Can't wait for more.

    So how long exactly have you been interning for SpongeBob and how long do you have until you're done? Just wondering.

  2. Just finished, actually! It lasted from January until about a week ago. Interning on Spongebob is a really, really cool thing to do because it brings you next to the best artists working in television animation. As an intern I actually had opportunities to meet and work with artists that I wouldn't have had as an employee.

    Glad you like the drawings!