Saturday, March 6, 2010

Percy the Turtle

Sometimes I draw turtles.

This is Percy, along with another drawing of a moomin-type creature.

I think Percy must have been in the navy.

Hell yes! That's how you punch a fish!

I like the look of a turtle's underside being drawn like muscles. Also, the peg head and limbs. The character looks a bit more like Pen Ward's style than how I usually draw.

Speaking of which, I am in heavy anticipation for the new Adventure Time show. I know many animation folks out there are dreading it, but personally I feel that the pilot had good, strong characters, which is more than many other cartoons start with these days. Typically it takes at least one or two seasons for a show to start to lose its flavor. I think this happens because after a couple seasons the original creator has left the project, assuming they were included in the creative process to begin with.

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