Friday, February 26, 2010


Just some stressful drawings I did, all featuring the same girl. Not trying to be too on-model or anything, just trying to capture the feeling of being stressed, which I was experiencing at the time.

The one above is my favorite. I'm proud of that pose, though I think it could use some refinement. Of course, these are just off-the cuff, so they could all use some refinement.

The drawing below may not look too special, but I've been tweaking the character's proportions and construction. This is partly the result. Looking at it I feel like I still have trouble with hips and shoulders, even though I've drawn thousands of them: from life, from other drawings, and from imagination. I've drawn this character dozens of times, and each time I get a little better.

I'm doing lots of drawing studies during my free time. Through my internship, I'm in a position to get feedback from a number of the industry's best cartoonists, and I intend to take advantage of it. Cartoon drawing was something my art school never taught me; drawing was purely optional for their animation program. In fact, I did my best to find professors who would teach me to draw, and the good ones all taught graduate classes. So if only I were willing to spend two more years and 50,000 more dollars, then I might have learned something. But that's beside the point.

Through the Nick internship program, I've received three of their drawing tests: character design, layout, and storyboarding. I'm starting with the character design before moving on to layout, and by the time I've finished both then I should be fully versed and ready to tackle the drawing challenges of the storyboarding test. I'm getting feedback all along the way, so I feel like I'm in a position to make some real progress. Maybe by the time I'm done with the internship I'll have the knowledge I need to get a job somewhere in the industry.

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